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Sunday, 21 April 2013

With Financial Fair Play, Relegation is the Least of QPR's Worries!

Never mind relegation, transfer embargoes and fines will be the next thing to hit QPR if they can't offload their over priced "superstars" quickly. The money being paid to the likes of Samba, Remy, Wright-Phillips, Cesar, Granero, Green, Barton, Cisse, Zamora and co mean that QPR, on pathetic gates even when in the Premiership, will find it impossible to square the financial circle which will now hang like a noose around the club's neck.

Foolish Fernandes lost sight of reality, and spent like a billionaire kid in a candy shop. But it's not the transfer fees that are the problem, that's money tossed down the drain already. The big problem is the wage bill that will make selling the hooped duffers all but impossible and which, under Financial Fair Play, will be like concrete boots on a condemned man pushed off Hammersmith Bridge.

Talk about being over the proverbial barrel with your trousers and pants round your ankles! Who will take Butterfingers Green on his wages? West Ham let him go for nothing because the club knew he wasn't worth 50k per week. Or Zamora with his injury record? Or Wright-Phillips? Or Big Mouth Barton? Or the lumbering Samba?

Even if clubs agree to take them off QPR's praying, begging hands, they will demand a contribution towards the wages. Take Green. Yes West Ham might, stupidly, consent to his return, but then Green would either have to swallow his pride and take a £20k a week wage cut, or QPR will have to subsidise his wages at West Ham.

Are clauses in place to reduce wages should QPR go down? Even that's unlikely. Why would the likes of Cesar, Zamora, Samba, Remy and Wright-Phillips take that kind of risk when they were on guaranteed fat salaries elsewhere?

What an absurd mess. Who ever thought the Hula Hoop craze of 1958 would ever be re-enacted? Well there's no bigger fool than a fat Malaysian fool it seems. QPR's five year plan is looking pretty hollow isn't it?

And wheeler dealer 'Arry aint going to stick around if there's a transfer embargo is he?

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