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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Leicester's Pearson makes his critics look foolish

All those who were calling for Pearson's head must be pretty shame faced today. After the pulsating victory over promotion rivals Bolton, despite falling behind to an early penalty, Leicester are now back into the playoffs, and with Crystal Palace getting thumped, Watford losing yet again and Brighton only drawing at struggling Peterborough, the Foxes are arguably now the form team in the play off pack.

Mind you, it's looking increasingly as if nobody wants to finish in the playoff places with even Forest and Bolton showing signs of running out of steam.

This really is a joke of a division and any team slipping up via the playoffs is going to be in for one hell of a reality check next season! What is the lowest points total ever achieved by a club in the Prem? It could be under threat!


  1. "Arguably" is the correct term indeed - winning 1 in 10 hardly makes us the form team. The oh-so fickle masses will be calling for Pearson's head again in no time.

  2. The "Greedy" over rated Prem is immoral and a blight on this country!

    1. My team aren't going up either this season, 2056.