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Monday, 8 April 2013

Why was Redknapp so upset after QPR draw with Wigan?

Dear God, the guy's only been at the club for 5 minutes and he has always supported West Ham, correction Arsenal, correction Tottenham since his days in nappies, so why on earth was he so upset after Taarabt ducked under that free kick rather than risk disfigurement of those almost handsome looks?

It doesn't make sense. Redknapp is a hardened pro. So why, why?

Oh hang on, he had a big legal bill to pay and he was on a  bonus of  a million to keep QPR up! Not crocodile tears as such, more self pity perhaps! Or maybe, just maybe, 'Arry has visited the Wizard of Oz and found a heart!


  1. Harry was always a turncoat. When the money ran out at Portsmouth off he went - leaving them in do do land. Apart from his claim to have brought us the likes of Joe Cole, Lampard and carrick he has never developed a team from roots upwards. Just a man who can wheel and deal but can't do arithmetic when it comes to working out whether he can afford to buy a player/pup and doesn't know anything about tax returns. Man of people - more like man on the market flogging yesterday's football manager's mantras dressed up as golden tenants for todays misguided football owners. Bye Harry - see on the beach with Rosie - enjoy your retirement has been!

  2. The Games gone Crazier is, if you are to belive this blogger, based on the exploits of Di Cannio, Green, Zola, Arry Puppermaster etc however its rather obvious that the Main Star is Old Big Gob( The bloggers name for Warnock ).

    I have just done a quick count and since this 'alternative to the West Ham side' has been going, over 90% of it's articles are Warnock based.

    Why don't you drop the other names and just come clean, admit you are obsessed with the man and re name your blog the Warnock blog.

    Their's hardly any responses to the occasional blog you write about the others anyway.

  3. hes go money problems elsewere so lets all go to lofthouse road for a few months that will help my finances not to sure about qpr,s shame its not c palace its nearer home. nonstick harry