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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Derby v Leeds - Never mind the football, the best fight ever!

Here's one from the archive! Some great names from the past as Leeds go over the top and start the long slide down the other side. But never mind all of that. Just check out the bundle between Hunter and Lee! The first punch from Hunter is a doozy and what follows is bloody hilarious!

They don't make them like that any more!

Copy and paste the link and enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Implosion in Leeds Boardroom

You have to laugh. Nooruddin has only been on the Board five minutes and he's already tried to engineer a place in the Academy for a mate according to a report in the Yapping Post. It appears this has triggered one holy row in the Leeds boardroom. Before you know it, they will be posting Sarin to one another and declaring Jihad!

What a bloody farce!

McDermott admits Leeds may miss out on targets due to lack of money

Interesting. Nice Guy Brian has approached four players so far and is hopeful that some, or all, may eventually join Leeds. And that's not the end of his recruitment drive either. There's only one problem, money.

McDermott doesn't say that openly of course, that would be far too downbeat. Instead he refuses to put a timescale on when players will join and, using an excellent piece of spin as he turns the money problem into a positive, explains: "The question I always ask of players is ‘do you want to play for this club?’ If the answer to that is ‘yes, but I’d rather go elsewhere for the sake of a few quid extra’ then it’s better that the player moves elsewhere. I’ve no issue with that."

Nice Guy Brian might not have an issue with that, but Leeds fans might reasonably ask, 'Why aren't we able to compete on wages with other clubs in the Championship?' Leeds are a biggish club after all, and have the backing of an Arab bank. So what's going on?

Anybody would think Master Bates was still in charge of the purse strings!

Vydra exit will expose Watford's vulnerability because of Lend Lease strategy

So it looks as if Vydra is off. Despite his goals drying up badly over the last couple of months of the season, the Udinese player is a wanted man, and his agent "can't imagine" him playing in the Championship next season.

Big deal, some may think, this happens all the time. A player does well at a little club like Watford, and a bigger team comes in for him, offering him a shot at the big time, and a big fat contract into the bargain. Look at Ashley Young!

But the big difference, of course, is that when Young joined Aston Villa, Watford pocketed  the transfer fee; but now, when Vydra moves on, it will be Udinese that receives the dosh, leaving Watford without their star man and without money to compensate.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Wabara the Man City bait to catch Leeds United's Byram?

It's all rather convenient isn't it? Last month Man City were heavily linked with a move for Byram; now Leeds are supposedly after Unreal City's reserve, reserve, reserve right back Reece Wabara.

Now you can bet your life that no Leeds fans have ever heard of the guy, but you can also bet your life, wife, pet dog and mistress that the guy will be hailed a "great signing" should he be recruited.

Wabara for Byram? Don't worry guys, it won't be a straight swap. GFH Capital will simply gobble up the balance!

Typo in QPR Headline about former West Ham Defender Anton Ferdinand

With news breaking that Anton Ferdinand is not wanted by QPR and may stay at Bursapor, the headline read, "Anton Ferdinand to remain IN Turkey?" but surely that was a misprint and should have read, "Anton Ferdinand to remain A Turkey."

How good is it to find a club, at long last, that actually takes the crap off of ourselves!

Monday, 3 June 2013

FA reject Disciplinary Action against West Ham & Millwall after Tottenham and Leeds games

In the case of West Ham, I think that is wrong. Even though I have supported the club all my life, I passionately believe that the anti-Semitism of a section of our fan base has to be addressed. And that will only happen if the FA gets tough and starts deducting points.

The Nazi salutes and hissing to simulate the gas chambers go way beyond what might be termed "banter". It is foul and is deeply insulting to the memory of the 6 million Jews exterminated in the Second World War, and to our own service men who laid down their lives to defeat the evil of Nazi Germany.

So, the FA should have made explicit the punishment for future incidents - and I would favour a deduction of six points unless the club can identify the offenders and ensure that they never attend a West Ham game again. That would ensure that the fans themselves self police, that the right number of stewards are employed at the ground, and that CCTV cameras are trained on the troublesome areas of the ground at all times. Every right thinking West Ham fan wants these animals kicked out forever and as painful as a points reduction would be, even if that resulted in relegation, that pain cannot be compared to the offence caused by these actions.

In the case of Millwall, I'm not so sure. I didn't see what the fans did, but I am tempted to say that Hell Hadji deserves everything he gets. This is a man who has spat on supporters and players alike, who made obscene gestures after scoring a penalty and who has recently been beaten up in toilets after becoming abusive in a bar. If the gestures were crudely racist, then the same punishment should apply, but if they were specifically targeted at Diouf because of who, rather than what, he is, then I suspect you have to cut some slack!

If I had my way, we would chuck Diouf out along with the racist bath water!

Leeds at 16-1 to win Championship and Watford 14-1!

Wow, what a bet. Betfair are offering 16-1 on Leeds to win the Championship next season. That surely has to be worth a flutter. Mind you, Watford look tasty too at 14-1, providing they have any players left following the closing of the Lend Lease loophole and the implementation of the transfer embargo.

Get your money on, those prices surely won't last, especially once GFH Capital start splashing the cash on Nice Guy Brian's transfer targets!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

5 Reasons for Bale to stay at Tottenham Hotspur, 85,000,003 why he won't!

So a desperate Spurs fan blogs five reasons why Bale SHOULD stay at Tottenham and lists:

1. Being a first pick at Spurs. Big deal!
2. Development under Andre Villas-Boas - Try talking to Chelsea players about that one!
3. Tottenham Hotspur's ambition. All very well, but substance wins over ambition every day of the week. Just ask Arsenal fans who are looking forward to another season in the Champions League.
4. Instability elsewhere. And how many managers have Tottenham got through over the last decade exactly?
5. Time is on his side. But tide and time wait for no man, and Bale will probably never have such a devastating season again. His stock is high, and when your stock is high, you cash in.

And talking cashing in, that's the first 85,000,000 reasons why he will go.

And the other three?

85,000,001 - Levy is a businessman. And a successful Jewish businessman at that. A leg break or a cruciate ligament injury is always just around the corner. 85,000,000 eggs are too many to put in one basket.

85,000,002 - Tottenham are not playing Champions League football next season.

85,000,003 - Bale may look like a chimp but he aint bananas. He will become a multi millionaire overnight if he moves to Real Madrid. Who needs time, when the here and now beckons (or should I say beckhams?)?

McDermott in maze of blind alleys as Leeds struggle to recruit

Anybody still remember the optimism when McDermott arrived and there was all that positive talk about getting players in early? Well May has passed, and nothing has happened. And now Nice Guy Brian is warning that June might be a "quiet month" too!

Of course, the phone is "hot", but it sounds like agents are ringing Leeds, trying to offload players clubs don't want, rather than McDermott chasing down players he needs, and from what McDermott is saying, he is finding it all just a bit of a pain in the arse. At Reading somebody handled all this for him you see; now the buck stops with him, and a shortage of bucks is probably the problem.

Let's face it, if Leeds offered the right money, players would jump at the opportunity of joining. It is a biggish club with a biggish fan base after all. And mid table last season is a reasonable platform to build from with promotion to the Prem in mind.

Dear God, Dark Satanic Mills has all but begged Leeds to sign him, but still there is no progress, with presumably the transfer fee and wage demands stalling the deal. But we are only talking a million quid, and a club of Leeds United's stature shouldn't be worried about peanuts like that.

It all has a very familiar ring about it; although, to be fair to the Warnock and Master Bates, there was a steady stream of players into the squad last transfer window; albeit they weren't much cop for the most part, with Leeds recruiting from relegated and mid table teams.  Leeds fans were delighted with the signing of every Joe Ordinary, nevertheless, and expressed huge indignation when I pointed out how crap they were. So maybe there is some cherry picking going on this time around. Maybe.

The good news is that Byram hasn't left, but he and Lees are away on England duty so nothing will happen until they have been assessed with the three lions on their chests.

It's all looking like a long, frustrating summer for Leeds fans already.