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Friday, 26 April 2013

Bates Bites Back - And Savages New Leeds Owners and Warnock Too!

Ouch. Master Bates has come over all Luis Suarez and sunk his dentures into the backsides of GFH Capital, Patel and the Warnock.

How fascinating that Bates wanted to sack Warnock back in October but was unable to do so because GFH Capital insisted he remained in place. What does that say about the judgement of the Arab bank built on sand?

And how interesting that Bates was unable to do anything in the transfer market because everything had to ratified by Patel first. It seems as if Leeds' promotion push was hamstrung by the new owners which hardly bodes well for the future.

Master Bates may, of course, be rewriting history to make himself appear good, but there is an interesting divide opening, given Nice Guy Brian wants to play happy families and President Ken is still a card in the pack. Is Bates one of the irritants that McDermott wants removed and are GFH Capital trying to ease him out of the door perhaps?

If so, it seems that Bates will not go without kicking and screaming and biting a few arses on the way!


  1. No one will really know the ins and outs,Bates will say one thing GFH will say another.All the fans want is to be kept in the picture with a little bit of honesty thrown in.In Brian I dont think he will be fobbed off,if he is he will walk, he seems quite an honerable person who wont put up with any bullshit.It is now time to see what GFH are made of,and what their intensions are for the club,this summer will be interesting.

  2. Good write up - Leeds Fan!

  3. Nowt new to see here, just plaigerised content from the YEP

  4. Get cancer like papa did and die

  5. Bates has more "spin", than the current tory govt.!!!so i'd take everyword said by him with a pinch of salt.


  7. "Is Bates one of the irritants that McDermott wants removed and are GFH Capital trying to ease him out of the door perhaps?"

    I bloody hope so!


  8. Bates has just realised how much of a disaster it was appointing Warnock, and trying to make himself look like he didn't want him at the club in the first place. Next he will be saying it wasn't his idea!

  9. Tell me hammers fan. Why are all londoners lying toss pots. I thought you would have had the brain to see what bates is up to. Spin spin and more spin.

  10. Bank built on sand
    Master bates
    Colin warnock
    Nice guy Brian
    None of this is funny or witty just a pathetic dickhead trying to draw attention to himself the sad thing is some of the blogs are half true and not bad but filled with shit that you think is funny. The rest of them are w&nk and look like they have been written by a pot smoking bitter teenager who likes to repeat himself . I bet you was the child at school that called people names then run off and when you got a slap burst in to tears. Think about this if your the only one laughing your not really funny