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Saturday, 13 April 2013

QPR Go The Way Of Maggie Thatcher

Oh dear. All that money spent but the coffin lid was all but nailed shut today. It's true that there may be a little kicking and scratching before the last rites are eventually read, but the earth is drumming down on top of the wooden box already.

Of course, this is exactly what the Hula Hoops deserve. Money can't buy you love, and money can't buy you Premiership points either if you spend it with stupid abandon. Fernandes has proved himself a mug with a capital M, and all those West Ham fans who hoped he would oust Sullivan and Gold should hold their hands up and admit to being complete arses! You know who you are!

As for the gRs who lambasted this blog when I warned it would all end in embarrassment, I can only say that you have got what you deserve too. I once had an affection for QPR and will, until my dying day, count Stan Bowles amongst my favourite ever players, but the ugly triumphalism of the Johnny Come Lately Rangers fans had all the noxious odour of Maggie's Eighties Yuppies.

Where do QPR go from here? Well, like Thatcher, I can't see it being next stop Heaven!


  1. That's no way to speak of the dead. Show some respect!

    I hear they are remaking the Wizard of Oz, with the cast singing The Wicked Hoops Are Dead!

  2. There's a problem with splashing the cash. If everyone splashes cash they don't have, three teams still go down, so three teams end up in the financial do-doo. That's why it's in the interest of football in general if QPR get relegated this year. Blatant overspending to save your own skin only works if another club who have been financially prudent pays with their premiership life. Not good for anyone in the long term.