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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Has Suarez bitten off more than he can chew at Liverpool?

Is the guy deranged, rabid, stupid, stressed, calculating or just plain nasty? The Evra business was bad enough. Boasting about deliberately handling the ball to help Liverpool win a game against minnows said a lot. But today's antics mark Suarez down as a complete shit who has no place in the English game.

When Rodgers sees the bite he must act. And like it not, the only course of action left open to him is to kick the Uruguayan shit out of the club.

Once upon a time, despite the city it represents, Liverpool Football Club stood for something. It was a club with values, a club that didn't just want to win, but wanted to win with honour. Souness soured that but until Suarez arrived like a bad smell, the club was essentially decent.

Well Rodgers seems like a decent enough guy and it is now incumbent upon him to do the decent thing by showing Suarez the door. There's no doubting the guy's ability, but there are now major question marks over his character and, to be frank, over his sanity. With television cameras guaranteed to pick everything up, why would anybody do that?

Unless, of course, he wants out and was trying to force Liverpool's hand!


  1. Completely blown out of proportion once again.

    Why do you hate Liverpool FC so much?

  2. 'but wanted to win with honour' yep shankly and his team were a bunch of angels weren't they?