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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Redknapp Loses His Magic At QPR

Not so long ago, 'Arry could walk on water. Now he probably avoids puddles for fear of drowning in them. When he breezed into Loftus Road there was an assumption that he would wave his magic wand and everything would get better. Instead, he waved the Chairman's cheque book and nothing has changed.

The result today was disgraceful. Stoke are shit. But Stoke are better than 'Arry's rag tag bunch of laughing all the way to the bank millionaires. 100k a week for Samba? Criminal! And the rest? Well you would call them a joke, but they are beyond funny.

And Redknapp can't deflect the blame. He had enough games to save QPR and a relatively kind run in. But he has messed around with the personnel and shape of the team, seeming to forget that the likes of Mackie play with heart, whilst the likes of Taarabt offer true flair.

Since taking charge, he has presided over 22 games and QPR have collected just 20 points. Average that out over a 38 game season and you end up with 34 points, which is, of course, relegation form.

All that money spent and QPR are still shit. Maybe it's time for 'Arry to 'ang up his tax returns and slip shame facedly into retirement.

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