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Monday, 15 April 2013

Another Cruel Blow for Newcastle

It never rains but it pours. When Krul went down and stayed down, I figured it was just a ploy to persuade the referee to stop the game to relieve Sunderland's pressure, and then I saw the replay. Ouch! A Krul, Krul blow to Newcastle's survival chances.

The arm isn't broken, but the shoulder is dislocated and Krul will now miss the rest of the season. And that is a savage blow as he is one hell of a keeper, almost as good as Mignolet.

But as Mignolet, Krul and Cesar all prove, there's only so much a keeper can do when the defence in front of them is crap - and as Sunday's game showed, the defensive units in the North East are truly shite.

It was a massive win for Sunderland, but with their back five, relegation remains a very real possibility; and whilst it seems unlikely that Newcastle will go down, anything is possible with their defence.

Why, oh why, don't modern managers take the old approach and build from the back?


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