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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Watford's win at Leicester piles pressure on Pearson and Hull

Well done to Udinese Calcio! Another stunning victory sees the Italians maintaining their charge towards the Prem and increases the pressure on Hull City and lame fox Leicester manager, Nigel Pearson. All the focus switches now to Hull's game with Barnsley at Oakwell.  A draw won't be enough, because with Udinese favourites to beat Leeds United last game up, Hull would then have to get something from their last game against Champions Cardiff.

Meanwhile, away from the promotion issue, for the Foxes are now all but out of the running for even the playoffs, the Leicester Board have to start making plans for Nigel. They should have shown him the door a month back and recruited Martin O'Neill, because they would then be looking forward to the play off campaign, but they didn't and the cost of that inertia will be huge. Will Pearson be left in charge for another season? They really should listen to Brucie who would tell them, "You get nothing for a Pearson, not in this game!" Look at where Hull are now compared to Leicester! What divine justice!

Here's hoping for a stunning Barnsley performance today, prolonging the excitement at the top of the Championship for another week!


  1. Thanks for mentioning the screamer of a 2nd goal from Chalobah

  2. Udinese....that's such a great joke. Stunning comedy.

  3. In the game:
    Goals by a Udinese player = 0
    Goals by a Leicester player = 0

    Don't let facts or Chalobahs amazing goal stand in the way of another bitter and shit article.

    1. Oh sorry, that would be the Chalobah on LOAN from Chelsea of course!

    2. Yes It would. Just like Kane is on loan. And all 3 are English. None are Italian!

    3. actually chalobah is from sierra leone

  4. one would think you're jealous of the style of football played last night versus the style you have to watch from your current manager Alardarse!

  5. Boring, witless, predictable, inane, badly-written.
    Yep, the usual standard....