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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Leicester and Nottingham Forest reduced to praying!

Oh dear, it's now well and truly out of either team's control and Saturday's East Midlands crunch game will probably only be important because of local bragging rights.

When it came to managers, Forest decided to twist and Leicester to stick, and both strategies look doomed to failure. Crystal Palace's draw at Millwall means that unless Forest win by five clear goals or more, the talonless Eagles only need a point at home to Peterborough to secure a place in the play offs. Leicester have no hope of catching them.

Bolton remain in reach of both clubs but they will surely prove too strong for Blackpool.

The dream is still alive - just - and I have a hunch that Peterborough will win at Selhurst Park, but then I can see Forest and Leicester pissing on each other's bonfires as they battle out a useless draw.


  1. do either rwam really want to go up anyway. the teams in the premier league would be pissing on their bonfires week in week out.

  2. a lot of hype and talk but neither team good enough,i predict a boring 0 0 result and both teams will be in the championship next season.

  3. To early for the reds billy needs a good pre season, bring in his own squad then challenge for automatic spot next season...

  4. Forest fan - would love to go to Wembley and win the play off final, the buzz must be absolutely amazing!!!! But would prefer to stay in Champs next year tho, dont want to see a point against Southampton as a good result!!!!#hammeredweekinweekout

  5. Never be afraid to succeed. It takes a lot of luck to stay up in the Prem but you have got to believe you can do it if you get there.
    For the record, I believe Forest will 1-0 against our friends from down the A46. Will probably not open the door into the top 6, though. We will no the less enjoy reminding the Leicester fans that "It's Forest and Derby, you're all on your own!"