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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Taarabt Condemns QPR to Drop and Reduces 'Arry to Tears

Oh dear, it's looking more and more as if 'Arry used up his miracles when he won his tax evasion trial. QPR were good today and, despite only having ten men, deserved to win. But they didn't win, yet again, and are now dead and buried.

And Redknapp knows it. He was close to tears in his post match interview and admitted that he needed somebody to lift him. If he is feeling gloomy, just imagine the mood of the Chairman. It's his money that 'Arry has been spending, and points for pounds, the return is no better than Mark Hughes's!

With West Ham players throwing themselves in front of shots at Anfield as if our Premiership life depended on the result, Taarabt decided he didn't fancy a ball in the face and so ducked out of the way of the equalising goal. It wouldn't take too much huff and puff to blow down a Taarabt wall would it?

Mind you Remy looks tasty. Perhaps, when he triggers his relegation release clause, he might fancy moving across to East London!


  1. That's it for us then back to the champioship still at least it will give the poor Leeds fans a break next season you will be back to pissing us off every week again no doubt as for Remy keep dreaming mate

  2. Naaaah, yer arlraart - these Leeds keyboard warriors are in a class of their own when it comes to taking a wind up! Keep on at the MOT brigade, please HF.

    1. What was that!?? Leeds is East of the Pennines.

      I couldn't agree more though, HM. Life is boring when you take it too seriously.

      Incidentally HM what team do you support? Where are you from? Why do you only come out after midnight? Given your obvious eloquence and well thought out name I'm struggling to find an angle here.

  3. Oh look only 2 replies and even one of those is by your alter ego, you schizophrenic prick