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Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Fat Lady Sings at Sheffield United

Oh dear what a shame! Portsmouth, heading for relegation and fresh out of administration, thumped Shafting United 3-0 yesterday, thereby ending any hope that the Blunted Blades might secure automatic promotion.

So it's back to the Play Offs and, hopefully, back to the old heart ache. As little Donny and even littler Bournemouth start planning their campaigns in the Championship, mighty Shafting United, flush with the West Ham money so kindly donated by Scott Duxbury, must try to negotiate their way past Yeovil, Swindon and Brentford - if they even make it into their now traditional end of season knocked out takes nothing fest.

Who scored for Portsmouth yesterday? Was it Tevez, Tevez and Tevez?


  1. no comments.oh dear

  2. At least the Blunts have won the league!

  3. Oh dear not another suposed fan who rather slag off other teams rather tell us of there fantastic youth acadamy just sad,very sad.