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Monday, 22 April 2013

If Liverpool won't act, the FA, Police and PFA must as Suarez shames the 96.

A "fine" and anger management sessions? What a bloody joke. As if any fine is going to hurt Suarez!

The little shit, of course, is trying to curry favour by requesting that his fine is paid to the Hillsborough Family Support Group, but that is an insult to the victims. It would be blood money, literally if Suarez broke the skin of Ivanovic, and the Uruguayan, having besmirched the name of a once proud club, does not merit being mentioned in the same breath as the 96.

It seems Liverpool knew exactly what they were getting when they signed Suarez, because he has "previous"; and it is amazing that the club has not listed him immediately. But if the club is spineless, others must act in their stead and force their hand.

To begin, Suarez must be charged by the police. He assaulted Ivanovic and millions have witnessed that assault. If John Terry can be prosecuted for allegedly racially abusing Anton Ferdinand, it would be absurd for the police to ignore this incident.

Then the FA / Premier League need to impose a massive suspension. How long was Barton's ban? 12 games. That should be the minimum tariff given Suarez has already sat out seven games for the previous biting incident. If that was stretched out to 15 games, that might just persuade Liverpool to do the decent thing by shipping out this stain upon the English game.

And the PFA also need to make a stand. Why the hell should their members be required to share a pitch with this animal? Never mind refusing hand shakes, PFA members should be instructed not to share a pitch with Suarez. It's time to force him out, and a threatened strike action may just do the trick.

Sadly, as with the Evra incident, Liverpool FC have failed in their responsibilities thus far. Yes Suarez has carried the team this year but that is not an excuse for retaining him as an employee. He has shamed himself, his profession, his club, his nation, and now the 96 by using them as a tool in damage limitation. He must go.


  1. pathetic ,,, this is your 3rd blog about this,, WHY ?? because you had a grand total of 2 replies previously ,,, I'll give you this ,, your quest for attention knows no bounds ... GO TO A GAME

    1. Think you will find events have moved on.

    2. think you will find that your just a attention seeking tosser ,,, you bounce from one club to another poking sticks at their supporters in the hope that you get a response ,, im a Leeds fan but i do know that to mention the 96 is a sesative subject and its up to Liverpool fc and Liverpool fans to deal with this and if they wish to deal with it this way then fuck off you west ham attention seeking cockney twat

  2. It seems that you should be forced out of writing Internet articles as you are clearly biased , it's funny how other footballers have brought the game into disrepute before and people don't condem their behaviour and try to force Them out .

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