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Friday, 12 April 2013

Eight Reasons why Leeds Appointed McDermott

1. Nice Guy Brian wasn't under contract, therefore no compensation had to be paid. Unlike Poyet.
2. GFH Capital spent too long pulling their fingers out of their arse. First choice Adkins was missed; and Il Duce Di Canio joined Blunderland.
3. NGB is desperate for a job. Even Blunderland didn't want him!
4. NGB is used to operating on a shoestring: even after promotion Reading didn't give him any money to spend on the squad.
5. Nobody else wanted the job.
6. Nice Guy Brian couldn't be more different to the Warnock. He is decent, reasonable and self effacing; Warnock is a big gobbed, irrational cnut.
7. Nice Guy Brian won't make waves. When Byram is sold, he will support the Board.
8. His record is good. If he can translate that to Leeds, he may prove a very astute appointment.


  1. 8 reasons you are a twat.........

    1, you are a twat,
    2, you are a twat,
    3, you are a twat,
    4, you are a twat,
    5, you are a twat,
    6, you are a twat,
    7, you are a twat,
    and finally,
    8, you are a twat,
    looks like there is a common trend there.

    1. perfect reply :-)

    2. He wants Leeds players to play with no fear, to play good football and entertain the crowd.... got a problem with that hoofball?

    3. 8 reasons you are a prick
      1, you support another team ? so why talk about Leeds.
      2, you don't go to matches. ?
      3, you talk bollocks.
      4, you are just a troll.
      5, your views are one sided and totally wrong at times.
      6, you have nothing better to do with your time.
      7, you claim to be thee hammer fan. but don't go to any games
      8, the west ham fans say you are a complete joke to be associated with them and should just curl up and die.? you are a PRICK ?

  2. You would have a wet dream at the prospect of having a great manager like ours.......
    now now, lets not get jealous....

  3. cheers for your support hf! onwards & upwards next season! x

  4. And your incessant obsession with Leeds United continues. With the bitter vitriol you spout it is obvious the mere thought of Leeds achieving something galls you somewhat. At least you have the prospect of a half full Olympic Stadium to look forward to eventually! That doesn't apply to someone who has probably never been to a match in his life though. Since you like predictions, I predict you won't publish this!

  5. i think the first comment forgot to add that you are a twat

  6. The fact you are running out of material to use against us really shows when you have to resort to adding the prefix 'nice guy' to our new managers name. Now Warnock's gone you're running out of ammunition clearly. Give it up hammersfan.

  7. U will be laughing on other side of ur face cockney boy,next season.mac will get the lads going.dont read much into the nice guy us go.we have to get rid of about 9 deadwood players first,but we will get there.....ur still a twat

  8. nobody else wanted the job?.....really? do you really think that?

  9. The man is right! Sometimes bashing this blogger is valid but it isn't always & this is one of the times it isn't.

    The simple fact is, its true - we just don't like it.

    Most will be happy with the appointment regardless of the reasons he was brought in however.

  10. has anyone on here called you a twat yet

  11. Eight reasons why you are a:
    1, C
    2, O
    3, C
    4, K
    5, H
    6, E
    7, A
    8, D

  12. How are things at racist Jew hating West Ham United?

    No comment?

    You must be a vile Jew hating racist scumbag too.

  13. Agree with 1,4,7 & 8.

    2 & 6 aren't really reasons why he was appointed, are they? 3 and 5 are a little childish for someone your age and you should know better.

    As for 1926 agree with all reasons 1 to 8 - what a wonderful piece of analysis (oh yes, and you've got cock breath)!

  14. allardyce=1+2*7/35

  15. Hello Twat, first time poster long time reader of your blog. Actually I agree with all eight! Keep up the great Investigative Journojisum. MOT. Gibbo27

  16. Correct he is a 1st class twat!

  17. I wish you would become a little more self-effacing, maybe losing to Southampton at the weekend will hasten this eventuality.

  18. 2nd class twat

  19. Deep down your´re a nice guy, thanks for number 8, shows you have some education.

  20. Unbelievable, I've just noticed if you take the words "HAMMERS FAN" and shuffle the letters about remove some and add a couple it spells............T W A T.

  21. Has anyone mentioned twat yet?