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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bates' Poodle Given Leeds Role

Well that's nice isn't it? Leeds Legend and Master Bates puppet Peter Lorimer has been given a role as a club 'ambassador'. Not sure who he is ambassador to exactly, although many Leeds fans, sickened by his unswerving support down the years for the new President, might nominate Syria!

What qualifications do you need to be an ambassador at Leeds? First class honours in arse licking and a Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil mentality if Lorimer is anything to go by.

Still, with Nice Guy Brian playing Happy Families, Lorimer should fit in perfectly!


  1. Sorry pal but you mis interpreted the Yorkshire Post article, it actually read Peter Lorimer is given a roll at the Ambassador club,.
    Did your Ma never tell you not to drink on an empty stomach.
    Then again, hot milk and biscuits before you put your JIM JAMS on is always a good way to go to sleep TOSSER.

  2. You shouldn't drink on an empty head. Leeds fans don't give a toss about what happens at west ham. why are you so besoted about leeds?

  3. Dr Weevil sounds more worried every day - won't be long before we're back at our Boleyn Happy Hunting Ground. Three points please, another 5-1 would be nice -- ker-CHING!!

  4. Actually - I've been wondering. You always implied that the Leeds obsession was really an anti-Warnock thing. Didn't see any "Nice Guy Brian" barbs when he was at Reading, but now it's been hurriedly wheeled in to Weevil Towers in the wake of Warnock's departure to pastures Cornish. So what's the real story, or are you too ashamed to say?

  5. why dont you use your time in giving andy carroll advice on how to put air into a car tyre,instead of wasting your time on here

  6. OMG again another one of my comments not published if you cant hanndle been proved wrong DONT FKING HAVE A BLOG U FAG !!!!!! otherwise post ALL comments !!!!