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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

QPR manager Redknapp prepares his defence

Oh dear. Poor 'Arry is up before the beak again, this time for speeding and failing to supply the driver's identity as required under section 172 of The Road Traffic Act. I wonder what his defence will be this time?

Your worship, I can't read and rite proper like so I couldn't fill in the form could I?


It wasn't me what was driving, it was my dog Rosie.


He asked my occupation and, as I was out of work at the time, I said none. But the cheeky bastard said, "So shall I just put you down as a wheeler dealer", and I wasn't 'avin' that. I'm not a fackin wheeler dealer, I'm a fackin football manager. By the way anybody here want to buy a big black lad. Slow I'll give ya. Clumsy too. But worth twelve million of any mug's money and he only wants a hundred grand a week as a salary.


  1. Aww, see you was(n't) fun while it lasted but we must return to whence we came. Going to miss you, although I have a feeling you won't reciprocate as you'll have plenty to rant about. Looking forward to the inevitable 'Robert Green' gloat once we are consigned back to Division Two!

  2. looks like ALL of the comments relating to posts on every other club but Leeds have virtually no comments

    You love Leeds, gone from soft spot, to "in my blood"?