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Thursday, 11 April 2013

No Fascist Salutes Allowed at Newcastle v Sunderland Game

Di Canio celebrates the opener at Chelsea
Well that's a bit rich. What's good for the goose step is not good for the Gordieanders apparently. Plod have stepped in and said that straight arm salutes will not be treated as a joke if directed at Il Duce Di Canio during the loser takes relegation derby encounter.

But if the salutes are delivered in protest - and Newcastle fans would clearly not be heiling the Blunderland Duce - then why shouldn't the Barcodes make their point?

No salutes? Then Newcastle fans should attach curtain tie backs to their tea cosies and affix a golden eagle perched on fasces on the front - but guys, that was fasces not faeces; I know the football is shit in the North East these days but that would be going too far!

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