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Sunday, 28 April 2013

QPR and Reading cut each others' throats

Oh come on! 5-5 fair enough. 4-4 would be acceptable. 3-3, ok. 2-2 would be tolerable. 1-1 would be inept. But 0-0? When both teams had to WIN to stay up? How the fcuk does that happen?

Of all the possible results, 0-0 had to be the most implausible, illogical and absurd. The bookies must have cleaned up, unless that's how 'Arry decided to retrieve his £1million bonus for keeping his version of the Hula Hoops up! Perhaps he put Rosie and her surprise bank account on a correct score forecast!

I haven't seen the game so maybe the keepers were out of this world, but even allowing for that, both teams should have been playing 0-5-5 for the last 30 minutes, doing anything and everything to break the deadlock.

The conclusion? Both teams and their managers are shit!

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