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Friday, 5 April 2013

Why would Leicester appoint Paul Ince?

I know Pearson has cocked up big time at Leicester, but why on earth would the lame Foxes appoint Paul Ince? His record is pretty damn awful and he has only been in the Blackpool job for five minutes.

Surely Martin O'Neill is the ideal man? If I was running the club, I would appoint him tomorrow and offer him a £1m bonus if he guides Leicester into and through the playoffs.

And who would bet against him doing it?


  1. Couldn't have put it better myself!

  2. Totally agrre with you, but I am sure Martin will have been contacted this week. Unfortunately he seems to have a 'never go back' policy as he has rejected the chance to return before. But IF - & its a big if - Leicester can beat Brighton ( as it is Brighton I think they have to win ) then I wouldn't put it beyond NP to guide us into the play offs.

  3. If, and I do mean IF, you want to be taken as a serious Blogger on football in general rather than a bitter little West Ham fan with nothing better to do than wind up Leeds fans then don't give credence to a story dreamed up by a Daily Mirror staff hack desperate to fill column inches.