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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Leeds Ride Luck To Climb Within Striking Distance of Playoffs

OK it took a penalty, and ok it was a thrill a ninety minute affair, but Chelsea apart, Elland Road is still a fortress and whilst automatic promotion looks as far away as ever, a push for the playoffs may yet be possible.
Warnock has two big worries, however. Leeds have to find a way of winning, or at least drawing, away from home. And as the Hull game showed, without Becchio, Leeds are next to nothing. Sooner or later, the guy will get injured.
So, the big question is, how much, if anything, will Old Big Gob be allowed to spend? He insists he needs a forward. The fans keep saying the defence should be the priority. But the midfield looks pretty threadbare too.
Three players could do it. Three players at a couple of million apiece. Six million, is that too much to gamble to secure the Promised Land of the Prem? It's time for GFH Capital to deliver, or their love affair with the fans could be as short lived as a full stomach with a dose of the norovirus


  1. too true matey - riding one's luck can only go so far and if performances are as bad as this one then its not going to be further than mid-table. NW still to weave that magic....

  2. Replies
    1. Why is he a wanker because he speaks the truth

    2. No! Its cos he has your cock in his hand

  3. Perceptive post as usual. At this level midfield will be OK if we get Michael Tonge back. Austin is on the comeback trail - second half he was the difference today (hard as nails). We need two wingers (a la Snodgrass and Gradel) another good striker and a proper decent left back (sorry Adam and Pelts). We also need to get the tactics right. Stop the hoofball.

    1. OK WHU I bet u you like are number 10 in your southern Mr softy's team

  4. @ Anonymous 23:46 - what does that even mean?! Worst post reply of 2013 and it's only Jan 1st! Have a banana lad!

  5. Hi 22:11, He's not a wanker because he speaks the truth. He's a wanker because he can't take his hand off his cock.

  6. Very good Spaghetti Legs.

    Riding our luck? I assume you have seen the West Ham and Norwich highlights!?

  7. Are you Rolf Harris?