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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Watford's Zola Next For Chelsea Chopping Block?

Wow, the sorcerer's apprentice is suddenly being linked with the Chelsea job on the back of winning 13 games with Watford. How bloody crazy is that? Steve Bruce has a better record at Hull; Pearson's Leicester are in second place; Mackay's Cardiff are storming the division; and even Warnock's Leeds are not far behind Zola's charges.

Does Abramovich really believe GianFredo can manage the super egos at Chelsea based on half a season of moderate success at little old Watford?

Well he appointed Avram Grant so I suppose anything is possible!


  1. Nigel Adkins had an excellent win to games ratio at Southampton! Anything is possible.

    Why would an up and coming manager want to move to Chelsea as they know they will be sacked within a year? They are fast becoming a joke club with a joke owner. Yes, he'll pay you lots of money, but for those where money is not the sole motivation, they will look elsewhere now - take Guardiola as an example.

  2. I think it just demonstrates that West Ham were very foolish to let go of Zola in the first place. That decision might come back to haunt them I'm afraid as I doubt West Ham would be a big enough club for him now.

  3. Watches tumble weed

  4. Why would Zola want to go the Chelsea when he has one of the most exciting squads outside the premiership who are set to storm intp the prem at the first time of asking? Watford are going to surprise a lot of people in the premiership next season. We're no longer little meek old Watford!!!

  5. Harry down under? I know that criminals were transported to Australia but I thought Redknapp was still at QPR!