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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Reading Need To Wise Up - Nice Guys Aren't Winners!

Oh dear. After kick starting their season with the scrappy 1-0 win over West Ham, achieved courtesy of a terrible error by Collins and a terrible miss by Vaz Te, and then narrowly missing out on an epic result against Spurs, the management at Reading don't appear to have learnt any lessons.

Stephen Kelly's signing is not, of itself a bad signing - although it screams planning for the Championship to me - but it is the reason given for signing him that is worrying. McDermott says: " I met him was at Kevin Doyle’s wedding a while ago now and I thought he was a top guy. I know he’s going to fit into the dressing room here really well" and the Chairman adds, "he seems like a lovely guy" before adding, " We’ve had some great success stories with players from Ireland in recent years."

Lovely sentiments and dressing room harmony is important, but team spirit can only take you so far. It carried Reading to the Prem on a surge of back slapping and dressing room love ins, but the big bad guys of the Premiership possess something more than camaraderie, they have class.

Is Suarez a nice guy? Or Rooney? Or Gareth the Dive Bale? Or Terry?

Carlton Cole is a lovely guy and Reading are being linked with him too. A few bad boys and Brazilians might help Reading more than Mr Nice Guys and Irishmen!

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