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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Warnock Wants Dad's Army At Leeds

Bloody hell, Leeds are being linked with Clint Hill and Shaun Derry again, two players in their mid thirties. Talk about a limited shelf life!

To secure them, Leeds would have to offer two or three year contracts because otherwise they will see out their time at Loftus Road. And why would Leeds do that? These guys are in a QPR squad that is on target for one of the lowest points totals ever in the Prem. So why would a team aspiring to reach the Prem want them on its books exactly?

Well, they fit the Warnock model don't they? Reliable cart horses - like Drury, Brown, Tonge and Paddy.

Of course, this may be internet speculation. But Warnock has repeatedly voiced admiration for his former warhorses and Redknapp has felt the need to say that he wants them to stay.

This is not what Leeds fans had in mind when news of a Middle Eastern takeover first broke!

Mind you, QPR are winning at Chelsea as I write! And Hill and Derry are in the team!


  1. Any further comments on the anti-semitic racist fans at West Ham?

  2. Your laughable buddy !!! You really are. I was reading today that West Ham are linked with has been crocked Joe Cole . How funny is that hoping that the once hero of Upton Park will hopefully turn your season around lol lol lol lol lol ha ha ha ha ha ha

  3. haha you are dead right
    Shaun Derry, we would be better with Shaun the sheep
    and yes this is NOT what we had in mind with the takeover...

    But as you know HF, always fun games at Elland Road


  4. OOPS! Chelsea 0 - QPR (Cart Horses) 1
    Note to self Hammers Fan: Engage Brain prior to opening GOB!
    You are truly a waste of sperm. The only bubbles you blow are up your own ass. Trev Degz

  5. And look who wet spam are been linked with joe cole a player that cant even get in a struggling liverpool side if that isnt the sign of desperation then i dont no what is.

  6. As for the mighty hammers there been linked with solly and givet not actually the players i would get carried away about oh yeah and joe cole think i best stop there for your sake!

  7. I used to ignore your blogs, I realise that many a true word is said in jest. Our last two managers have either taken on loan or signed permanently over 50 old, slow past it players. Arguably only 2 (and they were young) have been a success - Gradel (and we stumbled on him) and McCormack.

    We played Swansea, Norwich and Southampton when in Division 1 - they have built teams without spending a fortune as have Reading. They all play attractive football are all in the Premiership.

    So keep on with your off the wall comments as I said above many a true word spoken in jest.

  8. Seriously? Are you jim davidson?

  9. I usually strongly dislike your articles, but find the way some fans react to your often nonsensical comments is laughable. This article, however, is the truth, and nothing less.
    Neil, we don't want a team of oldies! A few for experience sure, but not a squad! Kenny has made several mistakes recently, drury, brown and tate are past it it seems. Tonge seems a good player on the ball, but he's no pace or power left! Warnock stated before the season he wanted pacy, powerful players ... along came drury, tonge and tate over the season ... and that's not mentioning varney.
    In all, Warnock's record speaks for itself. But perhaps the championship has changed now ... it is no longer a 'lump it and hope' league - the better teams (hull, palace, perhaps cardiff, boro) are all being rewarded for their skill on the ball, and pace when attacking. This is what we need. Jerome Thomas, or a similar pacy winger (the gradel-type player). A tall, quick, powerful striker (dexter blackstop has been linked). An experienced CB who isn't past his best. And finally, a top player in the centre of the park - a Peter Whittingham type. I think that just 3 from a winger, CB, CM and ST will give us promotion. GFH - put up, or shut up.

    1. Still writing replies to your own blogs


  10. I heard Vinnie Jones might even be polishing his boots ready to make a come back. Lmfao. Your right again HF

  11. Looks like Private Pike is wearing a Hammers Scarf!

    Being the only one left alive, and given West Ham's in and out form, maybe the Hammers should sign him up !

    'Don't panic, don't panic !!

  12. Who was that you wnated Diouf? well he clearly wants to play Prem again hence why he signed with us going up and not for you coming back down with your fact tactless manager.

  13. Joe Cole : 31 with 2 broken legs @£90,000 a week? bargain!