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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Watford's Zola Under Fire For Playing Tinkerman

Five changes after a superb 3-1 victory, including dropping to the bench an on fire Vydra; stupid or what? Zola has been quick to point out that he pulled a similar stunt ahead of the Leeds game but he seems to have forgotten that those changes followed a 0-0 draw. He also doesn't mention that Leeds were down to 9 men in that game!

The result suggests Zola made a bad mistake. It's a cliche, but you don't change a winning side unless you are forced to. And as a result of this defeat, Watford have been reeled in by Millwall, Leeds, and a clutch of teams just beneath them. Charlton at home should yield three points to any serious promotion contenders, so all the good work achieved at Brighton has been tossed away needlessly.

Zola is still learning his trade so will make mistakes. The danger is that he will make too many.


  1. Only 1 defeat in the past 11 matches (which was to high flying Hull City), and we don't hear a peep out of you. Lose to Charlton and your hatchet appears once more.

    Didn't West Ham lose to bottom club Reading the other day? How crap must your club be to allow that to happen eh?

    Allardyce isn't learning his trade, but is still making mistakes. You are a sad bitter and twisted. Just let Zola go for your own health.

  2. Unfair and untrue

  3. Isn't anybody allowed an opinion without being slated. I agree that it was a mistake to leave Deeney and Vydra on the bench today. Having said that, it was the defence that let us down today not the forwards. And before anybody asks, yes I was there. Four really poorly defended goals.

  4. Interesting how the emphasis on Leeds being down to 9 men is made in the Anti Zola blog yet when you wrote about this in your Anti warnock blog it was not exactly emphasised.

    You wouldn't be playing with the facts to suit your bias would you Sad Hammer?

    Oh and sorry to see the 'Sad's' lose to hopeless Reading the other day. Still, ambitions no higher than to 'avoid the drop' from day one basically means that at least you know how poor West Ham are.