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Sunday, 30 December 2012

QPR Now Need Top Six Form To Avoid Drop!

Never mind Houdini, Rednapp now needs to do a Jesus Christ to rescue QPR. With 28 points now needed from 18 games - and that's a minimum requirement - QPR have to amass 1.555 points per game, which over a 38 game season would see them finish on 60 points. And 60 points would have secured sixth place last season!

The failure of 'Arry to transform results shows what a shite bunch Warnock, Hughes and Fernandes recruited. In fact, should they maintain the present points return per game, they will finish the season on 19 points, one of the worst performances in Premiership history.

I doubt that will happen. My money would be on QPR making it to 30 points - just. But even to do that, they need more than a point a game, with winnable home games fast running out.

The gRs were so damn smug last season when I warned that there was trouble ahead. Fernandes has been exposed as a mug and deserves everything he gets in my book after deliberately trying to grab the West Ham headlines when Allardyce was appointed. Too many West Ham fans were fooled by Tony's Fools Gold and expressed dismay when he bought in to QPR instead. It was a narrow escape in my book!


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  2. It was always a worry when QPR lost twice to Leeds in the promotion season !