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Friday, 18 January 2013

Brendan Rodgers Breaks Ranks At Liverpool To Criticise Suarez

Well bless me, Brendan Rodgers does not seem to understand the culture of Liverpool one iota. How dare he voice criticism of Liverpool's very own Luis Suarez? Does the guy not understand that if you are one of Liverpool's own, you are untouchable?

When I expressed disgust at Suarez boasting about cheating and complaining that we Brits don't understand the South American culture of cheating in sport, Liverpool fans howled in protest! How very dare I?

Criticism was totally misplaced. Suarez was talking about something that happened back in October and should be praised for his honesty! So what that he cheats, he admits that he cheats, so that's all right then! It's just like a benefit cheat admitting to his abandoned kids that he bought their presents off the back of a lorry with his disability benefit collected on his way to the gym! He's simply showing them how to live their lives by example!

Dalglish had the right idea. When Suarez was banned for racist remarks, he sent his players out in shirts eulogising the scumbag. And Stevie G has backed Luis too, admitting that he would celebrate a goal scored after a deliberate handball. That's the Liverpool code you see. It was made acceptable by Shankley who claimed that football was more important than life and death, very unfortunate words after when happened in Heysel - for which Liverpool fans should not be blamed of course - a stadium should be built to prevent one bunch of fans trying a storm rival fans shouldn't it?

Rodgers should dress in sackcloth and ashes and walk the streets of Liverpool wearing a sign saying "Shame on me". He has broken the Liverpool code, criticising a member of the Liverpool family, that family which stands shoulder to shoulder against the rest of the world. Bloody hell, before you know it, he will be tipping off the rossers when his next door neighbour steals from the house five doors down the street!


  1. You see you get so much more response when you target the bigger clubs! In reeling Leeds United/Liverpool in you are now only missing Manchester United as the 3 REAL biggest clubs in England. However I note you tried this before and didn't quite get the response you were looking for. Perhaps they're not as big as I thought (then again most of them don't speak English so won't understand you anyway).

    Seriously though this is definitely the way forward. Forget Watford, Leicester, QPR and any of those other no mark clubs with absolutely zero support!

  2. Actually much bigger response from Watford fans. They know and love the blog you see. Like Leeds fans!

  3. And 1252, it is about numbers, not volume of responses.

  4. Rosers? Are they like rozzers? Or the band?