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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Aston Villa Crisis Deepens After Defeat At Bradford City

How much longer will this be allowed to continue? Villa are sinking deeper and deeper into chaos and Lambert seems powerless to change things around.

It's true that he has been unlucky with injuries, and it's true that the squad he inherited was poor, but that is no excuse for the utter ineptitude of recent performances. Take away that anomalistic victory at Afield, and Villa have been truly dire for a month now. For although the draw at Swansea was not a bad result, the Welsh side could have been four goals ahead after just 15 minutes, as Villa were all over the shop defensively.

Collins was allowed to leave stupidly - not because he is any great shakes but because he has something the other Villa defenders lack - exeperience. Oh and heart judging on the way they have folded repeatedly.

At the moment, Villa must be favourites for the drop alongside QPR and Reading. If they crash out of the Capital One Fan Cup to a team from the old Fourth Division, that may just prove the final straw for Lambert. And it would serve him right for walking out on Norwich!

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