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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Disgraceful Actions of Southampton turn Saints into Sinners

I was staggered when I heard the news yesterday that Adkins had been sacked by Southampton. The Board claim that the decision was made with a view to securing the long term future of the club, but many decent fans outside the city will now be praying that the Saints fall on their arses and disappear through the relegation trap door.

I have nothing against the new manager Mauricio Pochettino. How could I given I've never heard of him!  This has the distinct whiff of the Oneday Ramoses about it, and I dearly hope that history repeats itself with this appointment.

Adkins has done a fabulous job at Southampton, so good in fact that, even when the team was struggling at the bottom of the table, the fans of the club still backed him. Why wouldn't they? This guy had taken Southampton from the old Third Division to the Prem in two seasons! And his reward?

Sometimes football leaves a very bad taste in the mouth, and this is one of those occasions. Adkins has been treated shamefully by a club he has served superbly and it is now my sincere hope that Southampton get exactly what they deserve!


  1. Unfortunately the actions of one man alone have made the club the subject of national hate. I'm a Southampton fan and would never wish us to go down, but it doesn't make me happy. Unfortunately anger and disgust aren't going to reverse the decision, so I have no choice but to support the new guy, unpopular or not.

  2. It's not only the history and stats that speak of Nigel Adkins. He is an incredible character and I was 100% behind him in terms of his understanding of the game and work ethics. His approach can win the neutral or disinterested spectator, his loyalty and honesty can give heart to anyone. He is a man that truly makes the difference.

    I hope one day Mr Adkins wins the Champions league and manages England. Great man, Southampton legend, sporting hero.