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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Former Liverpool Boss Trying Best To Destroy Chelsea ahead of Zola's switch from Watford

Dumped out of the Carling One Fan Cup over two legs by Welsh minnows Swansea, a home defeat against bottom of the table QPR, a home draw against relegation threatened Southampton, and now the Plastics can't even beat Brentford!

Tell me, why the hell didn't Benny start with Ba and Torres against a team in the old Third Division? Answer, he has no plan B. Never has had, never will do.

The guy is a joke, complaining that Chelsea's squad isn't strong enough, and that anybody who criticises him is a fool, or a liar or a defamer. Poor Old Big Gob at Leeds doesn't dare open his mouth on the subject of Benitez for fear of ending up in court.

The Chelsea fans hated him before he arrived. They hated him when he was appointed. And they must hate him more and more as every day passes.

Is Zola on his way in the summer? At this point, the Chelsea faithful would probably welcome even Avram Grant back, such is their contempt and loathing for the man who turned Liverpool into also rans and who now threatens to make Chelsea the laughing stock of the Prem!


  1. Valencia 2 league titles. Uefa cup.

    Liverpool, 2 CL finals. 1 league cup final. 1 FA cup final. 2nd in the premiership.

    How nice of you to ignore what former owners did the LFC under his tenure.

    Hardly his fault the players he has at Chelski is it? And no plan B - come on, one of the finest analysers of the game. Period.

    If you want to talk no plan b - look at big fat sam, FA ran a mile when he laid out his plans for England.

    Sad bitter hammers

  2. Whoever wrote this garbage needs to be committed to an insane asylum.

    Liverpool fans would love to see Rafa take Chelski down to the Championship but other than having a laugh at the prospect we all know Benitez is an honest genuine gentleman.

    And to the writer of this garbage Rafa Benitez did not turn Liverpool into also rans as you so idiotically put it, no that was down to two Americans and a Cockney called Hodgson.

    Chelsea fans are the wealthy versions of the the West hammers who disguise the drool dripping from their mouths by hiding behind artificial bubbles.

  3. Possibly the most pointless article I've ever read.

  4. At least they play it on the deck.

  5. attention seeking writer. u really think zola is gonna perform magic? since u know all, jst put ursef in line as d new chelsea boss. rafa deserves respect!

  6. Harry down under27 January 2013 at 18:31

    Why would Zola want to leave Watford and join Chelsea?

  7. if Zola does leave us to go to Chelsea, I hope it is on the very last day of this season.

    That way he will have been sacked by late July and we can have him back in time for our first Prem game.