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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Hats Off To Luton Town!

Bloody marvellous! OK it was only country bumpkins Norwich City, who with their rag bag collection of ex Leeds United players are collapsing faster than a house of cards in a hurricane, but nevertheless, an away win for a non League team against Premiership opposition is something special!

I have a soft spot for Luton. I own a house in the town and have scored a goal myself at Kenilworth Road. The club have fallen on hard times since the heady days of Kerb Crawling Pleat so it's great to see a change of fortune. Was Pleat dancing along the touchline at Carrow Road today and is he heading off for London Road in Ipswich by way of celebration as we speak?

And as for Chris Hughton? Well he's in a right old Delia Smith pickle!


  1. No Comments to this blog even with the Leeds mention to try and bring a few in. Well I'll kick them off for you.

    Well done Luton. You got a lot further than West Ham in the FA Cup!!

  2. Yes and after the Lord Mayor's show eh? Smashed at Grimsby 3-0 straight after though weren't they? Poor old Taliban Town. House in L*ton? Need a Sangar and GPMG there.