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Friday, 31 May 2013

What does the Stoke chairman know that nobody else does?

Mark Hughes? Come on! What a joke after his monumental balls up at QPR. I know that following the Warnock into a job isn't easy, as poor McDermott is likely to discover at Leeds United, but Sparkless's record at the Hopeless Hoops has to be considered one of the most inept managerial performances in the history of the game. Worse than Avram at West Ham. Worse than 'Arry at Southampton. Worse even than McClaren and Revie in the England job!

Never mind the Wally with Brolly, or the Wally with Canine Tax Shelter, or the Wally with the Dossiers or the Wally with the Circumcision or the Wally with the Laptop, Hughes was the Wally with the Mountain of Dosh, and boy how he blew it!

How on earth does somebody get another job in the Prem so quickly after that performance? Stoke players will have received texts warning them about their new manager's inability to people manage already. What the hell does Coates think he is up to?

Stoke are all of a sudden a bloody good bet to go down next season!


  1. Revie's England performance poor? Hmm lets think about that, 2nd in Euro group to the champions, 2nd in the world cup group (on goal difference) to the semi finalists. Dossiers - the future of football. Revie: visionary, you: thick as dog sht

  2. your mind is the equivalent of a demented child with bad flatulence

  3. Dog shit breath!!

  4. Wow ! Lets contact Stoke and try to talk them out of this decision. Hammersfan, a known expert on the Skills of Managers, has spoken and he will know by far more than the people at Stoke who run a multi million pound business!

    After all, he rents a one bedroom flat in Romainia, has a mail order bride and Blogs excessively night and day about other Teams, mainly Leeds United, because his own club is a stultifyingly boring topic, as the total comments he gets when he writes on them will testify.

    1. Its the multi personality dissorder causes him problems Ne'vile Nixon and his Nf pseudo have to fight everyday to halt the strongest personality in his head THE LEEDS FAN as his blogs show he is failing and LEEDS are taking over his life to the detriment of. West ham, Watford, Cardiff, Liverpool, Hull, Newcastle and any other of the Skitzo's teams i missed. MOT on