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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Can Watford sign a goalkeeper from Udinese on an emergency loan?

With keepers going down like skittles, GianFredo Zola must be regarding the playoffs with a degree of anxiety. He can say as many Hail Marys as he likes, but if he is obliged to rely on Bonham between the sticks, Udinese Calcio's chances of making the Prem would appear to be slim.

You have to feel sorry for the kid, pitched into such a crucial game when not even on the bench an hour or so before kick off; but all the sympathy in the world isn't going to set the boy's head straight, so with Almunia ruled out today and his replacement Bond nursing a broken nose and suffering from concussion, Udinese Calcio face a keeping crisis.

So is Zola allowed to go to Pozzo to ask him for yet another loanee? There will be many who cry foul if he does, but there are special dispensations for keepers and you can be sure that the rules will be bent any which way in a desperate attempt to secure promotion to the Prem.


  1. Both Almunia and Bond will be available for Leicester

  2. You can only hope that is the case. Bonham proved very costly today.

    The Polish keeper, Wojciech Pawłowski, will do very nicely thanks.

  3. Usual load of unsubstantiated shit. Totally ignoring the fact that both Bond & Almunia are expected to be for for Leicester. Also ignorant of the fact that an emergency loan would have to be from within England.

    Good work. As usual.