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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Irony and Karma Strike Pozzos and Watford in bucketloads

Oh the irony! I've only just realised that goal scorer Kevin Phillips is still on loan to Crystal Palace! Talk about being hoisted by your own petard!

So, with the world and his wife outside of Watford and Udinesi Calcio expressing concerns about the Lend Lease policy of the Pozzos, along comes a loan player to consign Watford to another season in the Championship!

Shame for Zola, shame for the Watford fans, but it serves Pozzo and Duxbury right in my book. What goes around comes around as they say.

How about a new television series entitled, 'My Name is Pozzo'?


  1. How about another television series called my name is Neville Nixon and im a 60yr old trolling virgin

  2. As long as you are happy.....

    Many football fans hate Watford, but they are only trying to survive and succeed in this money greedy football world.

    I think they've done a very good job in trying to change a trend.

    People like you cannot help to goad and mock something because it's different.

    Watford are an easy target, but I do not understand the hostility against this club. It's not as if they are challenging Man Utd for the title and winning European cups. Why do you worry so much about it?

    I think this obsession with Watford is strange.

  3. You talk total rubbish

  4. You call it irony, I call it hypocritical. A loan player scores both goals to get Palace to the final then a loan player scores the winner in the final......and Watford are the bad guys!!

    People like you and Holloway bleat on how unfair it all is, yet benefit from the exact same system.

    Isn't Andy Carrol on loan to West Ham?

  5. It's 'hoist by your own petard' actually, not 'hoisted'.
    That was the one of the smaller errors you have made about Watford this season. Still we look forward to some more inane and ill-thought comments from you next.

  6. You are a complete idiot!

    If the club had done something wrong then fair point. They haven't, so get over it you

  7. serves us right for a legal policy that we utilized to its maximum. Instead of spending shit loads of money and going into copious amounts of debt we have a sustainable system to aim for promotion. You are clueless mate

  8. I think you forgot that the penalty was won by another loanee, Mr Zaha.

  9. Bitter Hammer who has a beef with Zola. Let it go you knuckle scrapping troll. Go and have some jellied eels and talk about how West Ham won the world cup in 66 and how the country should still be worshipping at the Bowling Ground.

  10. watford are buggered now, no more loans, and the pozzos are probably skint, so cant see them getting any signings. could be a relegation scrap next season

  11. Your obsession with Zola isn't healthy. You remind me of that girl from Hey Arnold, you slag him off constantly but probably have a statue of him in your cupboard made out of old chewing gum and bits of his hair. Get over it.

  12. i would be careful, the pozzos might send one of their employees to 'educate' you

  13. I agree,I think Watford will go down next season...

  14. Lady luck was on the side of Palarse and the not very good ref. They will def go down next season. Worse side 2 go up 4 many seasons.
    Hammer fans dont need a this despot, is he a fan?