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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Suarez about to bite Liverpool on backside and head for Madrid

So poor little Luis is upset because the Big Bad British Press keep picking on him! How unfair. He hurls racist abuse at an opposition player and the nasty old press criticise him. He boasts about cheating and those terrible hacks write negative things about him. He bites an opponent and the newspapers scream foul. It's victimization, pure and simple.

So Suarez wants out! Never mind that Liverpool have backed him to the hilt. Never mind that the fans have treated him like a god. He doesn't want to hang around at Has Been Liverpool when Happening Real are expressing an interest.

Of course, it has nothing to do with the money and Luis loves the fans of the club so nobody should feel bitter about his decision. Poor Suarez has been left with no other choice!


  1. sure this obviously isn't written by a non-liverpool fan.

  2. Let's not condemn unless we know the truth. It could be FSG that wants him to be sold to raise money for the transfer window.
    LFC has neither denied nor encouraged the story, instead it seems that they are spending what they don't have if reports of only 20 mil is to be believed.

  3. Rubbish.

    He has served Liverpool well. Liverpool just arnt going anywhere, and he has been unfairly treated by the press and referees.

    Godd Luck to him. Hes a great player, a winnert


  4. Real Madrid are a has been club like Liverpool. The only difference is they play in a two club league. They haven't been able to do anything significant since the 50s