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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Were you watching Sheffield United and Bristol City?

Yeovil Town 2 Brentford 1! Yeovil Town are in the Championship! Yeovil Town will be playing Derby County, Nottingham Forest, QPR, Leeds United and Birmingham City! What a goal from Madden!

Were you watching Tony Currie? Were you watching Alan Woodward? Were you watching Podgy Kenny? Were you watching Neil Warnock? Were you watching Kevin McScab? That's how you win a Championship playoff final! The Yeovil boys gave the Brentford boys one hell of a beating!

And were you watching Bristol City? Regretting sacking Gary Johnson are we? Being a decent guy, he will no doubt give you a wave as Yeovil pass you on your way down to the old Third Division!

Brilliant! And Botham didn't mention it as England were thrashing New Zealand. Hang your head in shame Ian! The bunting will be out in Combe Street Lane tonight!


  1. Obviously not gone to upton park today AGAIN you fucking pathetic prick

  2. I might see if I can get my village amateur team promoted into the football league

  3. At 15.47 your posting this about yovil ,, at this exact time your so called team are playing their last game of the season ,, granted its been another shit season by a shit club but surely you should be at upton park instead of sitting on your mothers pc posting this crap Neville ??!! You really are a pathetic computer nerd who never goes out of his bedroom aren't you nev

  4. lets get some things straight here! GJ was not sacked it was by mutual consent! why? a. we were heading out of the division because he had lost the plot. b. and the main reason. he punched a player at training. the chairman got him in and told him either he left thus Mutual consent or he would be sacked at which point questions would be asked why the sacking which would affect his future in the game also the chairman who is a good bloke respected him for what he had done at the club so cut his some slack.. would clubs want a manager who assulted his own players??? no!

    even tho we were not doing well at the time most fans loved him and still do. i for one is pleased for Yeovil and im not by myself im sure. however little dips like you are making me rethink my position!
    good luck next season even tho you are disrespecting us because you WILL need it! this time next season it could well be us swapping positions again!

  5. Totaly agree with the above post. My final comment is mate you really are a dick. Bet you and your mates are talking about storming the championship and hitting the prem. Your gonna hit an iceberg!

  6. You cant help but feel that some people need to get a life if all you can do is write about other teams constantly. The Spammers were playing yesterday - write about them!

  7. Why dont you try writing about the Spammers, they were playing yesterday. Why be so obsessed with the Blades? You need to get a life. BM

  8. it was league 1 playoff final clown

    1. LOL It was if you support Shafting United. OK Pedant, play off FOR the Championship!