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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Boring final day in Prem with only Spurs and Arsenal with anything to play for

What a damp squib of a final day. Wigan are down, joining QPR and Reading; the Manchester clubs have finished first and second; Chelsea are in the Champions League because of their goal difference; Newcastle, Sunderland, Villa and Norwich are safe...

What a nightmare for the marketing men! Somebody got the script very badly wrong this year. Just imagine if Arsenal take an early two goal lead at Newcastle and Spurs fall a goal behind to Sunderland - we might as well all pack up for the summer at that point.

And imagine the atmosphere at Wigan! The ultimate oxymoron. What do the fans do, drink champagne from the Cup or fill it with their tears? Wigan v Villa promised to be a relegation shoot out, but now it is a sad, sad side show.


  1. That's what happens when a handful of clubs have all the top players

  2. Spurs deserve champs league - arsenal have been so lucky

  3. The whole 'comment as' thing. Is that a good idea? Everyone ends up being anonymous.

    Wasn't feeling the same, but then I'm a Spurs fan, so it's not quite over for us.

  4. It is always hard for the marketing men when 3 teams compete in a dull competition........but, like the x-factor there is always a legion of idiots who sign up to be spoonfed by big business