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Saturday, 25 May 2013

The QPR Curse Hits Tottenham's Townsend

I posted last week that QPR were, and would remain, cursed under Malaysian owner Tony Fernandes. Well the curse has now struck young Townsend, who spent time on loan with the Hopeless Hoops this season, with the exciting midfield prospect charged with betting offences.

'Arry must be so pleased he didn't join QPR earlier, because there's no way he would have won that tax evasion trial with Fernandes perched on his shoulder like a plague infested rat. In fact, Redknapp will be sweating over any other skeletons he may have hidden in his cupboard and may well decide that discretion is the better part of valour.

I would get out bloody quick if I was 'Arry!


  1. You know noubt but about QPR or even our recent history. The curse as you so call it is about 10 yrs old minimum. Do some research before posting in future. You also hold grudges against TF for choosing QPR over hammers with your rat comment. We'll be back and with ferver and you you truly will be spouting all kinds of trollope when we regularly finish above you. We patient Rs can wait for our time as we have been doing it for so long now. Go and try and rile some Leeds fans rather than this poor journalistic crap and stay outta my feeds.
    Irish R

  2. Haha missed u hammersfan

  3. Fernandes is waste of space and this from qpr fan I wish he sell club play with is airline

  4. 10.10 ain't no qpr fan-he's an idiot.thank Christ for TF