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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Watford are at Wembley! Leicester stay North of the Udinese Calcio Gap!

Congratulations to GianFredo and his lend lease Calabroni. I didn't see the game, but to score three times to win the match was a fantastic achievement. Vydra found his scoring boots right on cue and Deeney made amends for that red card against Leeds. Now, with the wind in their sails, Udinese Calcio could go all the way to the Prem!

As for Leicester, it's another year of underachievement.


  1. Meanwhile on the swings in la la land a so called west ham fan get a push from his favorite Arabb

  2. bad day for football. The premier league is becoming full of over ambitious small town clubs. The likes of Wigan and Watford belong in league one

    1. ...and the Championship is full of big clubs, with dillusional supporters pointing to their history and what they used to be.

  3. Oh look another time zone fupar !!!

  4. Getting the drinks in - take it yours is a bitter ?

  5. A bit better than watching hoofball west Ham hey !!

  6. shit response to this one ey armchair?