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Monday, 6 May 2013

Can Leicester slip into the Prem ahead of Watford on the back of relegation form in the Championship?

I posted last week that Leicester could still slip into a play off place, despite diabolical form since the end of January, and the improbable happened courtesy of an implausible combination of results. With Forest over committing in a desperate attempt to snatch a winner, Leicester broke and Wood showed excellent composure to set up the winner. Now it is all to play for!

Can Leicester do it? Well the play offs are not the lottery that most people seem to think - with the team finishing third making it to the Prem more often than not - but in this crazy, crazy Championship season, you have to believe that there is another freak outcome in store. If Peterborough can go down with 14 more points than the team that finished fourth from bottom last season, anything is possible!

In truth this is a rank bad division where luck and confidence play a disproportionate role. Look at the Leeds victory at Watford which enabled Hull to secure promotion despite missing a penalty minutes before the end of their game against Cardiff - Leeds scored twice but both goals were jokes and down, sadly, to a rookie keeper playing because of injuries to the first choice keepers. Hull weren't promoted because of their efforts, they went up because of Keystone Kops keeping from a kid.

Never mind that Udinese Calcio finished nine points ahead of Leicester, what counts is the psychological state of both sets of players as they go in to the two legged head to head. Watford know that they blew it on Saturday, and no matter what GianFredo says, there will be recriminations in the dressing room. Look at the amiable Italian's face as Deeney walked passed him after seeing red on Saturday! Zola will try to raise his players spirits but two more games may seem like a bloody chore for a bunch of players who are not even employees. Unpaid overtime? Eating in to their holidays? Why take on yet another game, even if it is at Wembley?

And meanwhile the mangy Foxes are on a high. They have no right to be in the play offs given their results since the end of January but they are there regardless. Destiny awaits. Fate demands. And Leicester can play without fear because they were dead and buried 7 days ago!


  1. the gimp is at it again ,,,, you must be bloody hot today in your rubber suit and gas mask

  2. There's nothing more sanctimonious than a west ham 'big club' saddo

  3. Pathetic gimp,,


  5. A little harsh to say leicester have no right to be in the playoffs - you yourself suggested the league was 'a rank bad division' - final places are determined by the results over the whole season and leicester's first half form was league champion form, even if the latter half was not great, and much of that late season form contained more than a few decent performances (at least relative to the standard of the league)where things just didn't go the way of the foxes.

  6. Can you slip into a deep coma HF?