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Monday, 27 May 2013

Is Pardew intent on building a relegation team at Newcastle?

So tell me, what is the logic behind signing players who have just been relegated from the Premiership? Time and again clubs do it, and time and again, clubs regret it.

Teams are relegated for a reason, and that reason is that the players are not good enough. Take that guy Fletcher up the road at Blunderland. He went down with Burnley, so he moved to Wolves. He went down with Wolves, so he moved to Sunderland. And but for Wigan's Cup run, he would almost certainly have gone down with Il Duce's Black Shirts too.

How about Ben Haim? He's gone down with Portsmouth, West Ham and QPR.

And Rob Green? Norwich, West Ham and QPR.

And Christopher Samba? Blackburn and QPR.

Anybody watching Samba in a QPR shirt wouldn't pay £1m for him, let alone the £10m that Pardew is rumoured to be offering! And as good as Remy looks, QPR maintained relegation form when he was in the team.

£20m sounds like absurd money to pay for two players who featured in a team that mustered just 25 points in a 38 game Premiership season. It seems that Pardew is hell bent on rewriting that old adage as, "If you can't beat anybody, join Newcastle!"


  1. A ridiculous article.

    Being relegated means you are a poor player now?

    Utter nonsense.

  2. No you are right, Van Persie, Messi, Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Lampard...they go down every season don't they?

    1. Thats because they are surrounded by players of sheer quality.

      The likes of Remy, Fletcher and Samba are surrounded by the likes of Sean Derry and James Vaughan.

      Never before in my life have I read such an utter failure of an article.

  3. stupid article

  4. this rumour really angers me why would we sign a striker like remy, we already have striker who cant score a goal gouffran. Surely we can spend more wisely.

  5. for 20million i would expect better quality than these two if both or either came to newcastle it would be for money only.also remy who had the chance to join us but went to qpr has a rape charge hanging over him

  6. Criticising Pardew over ITK rumours? that's embarrassing, seriously...

  7. £20million for 2 players who were relegated is a ridiculous amount, I understand the appeal of snapping up 1 or 2 from the relegated teams but QPR finished bottom and were widely known for their lack of motivation and hunger. I'd rather by 3 or 4 decent players to add depth to the squad and then make perhaps 1 big name signing than signing Remy and Samba.

  8. One of the best players in recent times terms of performance, affect on the team (barring some petulance as a young player) was Craig Bellamy for £6 million from relegated Coventry.

  9. Ridiculous article. By your "logic", Coloccini is shit aswell, seeing as he was relegated with us and fought relegation this season.