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Thursday, 9 May 2013

A golden opportunity for Arsenal to mortally wound Spurs

Life's a bitch! A draw against Chelsea, under normal circumstances, would be a good result, but Spurs are now off the pace in the race for the Champions League and have to rely on either the Gunners or the Plastics slipping up.

And this year has far more hanging on it than simple qualification for the Champions League. Ronaldo may well leave Real Madrid, opening the door for Bale to replace him. And if Spurs are in the You're Ropey League, why would the World's third best player want to hang around at White Hart Lane?

AVB has had a good first season in charge, but if Spurs miss out and Bale bales out, his chances of still being in the job come the end of next season will be slim. Arsenal have one foot on Tottenham's skull and the club is raised ready to be smashed down on the Cocky Fool upstarts.

Unless Pardew upsets Wenger again!


  1. Isn't that cute

    A bitter West Ham still under the delusion that Spurs, not Millwall, are his team's true rivals, wants another team to do what his cannot and beat Spurs to the CL, and in addition make sure football continues to die a slow death as every top player ends up at Real/Barca/Man U/Man C/Chelsea/Bayern

  2. Indeed this is a golden opportunity. However I am not 100% optimistic the gunners can pull it off.
    The reason being the gunners twice blew up when closing in on the epl. For that matter the gunners can't seem to win even leading by 4 goals.
    Hopefully this is the start of the gunners new found steel.

  3. West ham fans are all mouth and no teeth.


  5. Life's a bitch you say ?!!! Nah that's ya ma gimp boy