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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Redknapp queering his own pitch at QPR

The guy may be speaking from the heart and saying what he believes, but how Redknapp thinks he is helping QPR's cause by rubbishing his own players, only 'Arry and God knows.

Maybe he is getting his excuses in early when he claims that his current side wouldn't finish in the top half of the Championship, but how exactly is he going to move on his overpaid dross when he tells the world how crap they are?

Surely a more sensible approach would be to blame a culture of defeatism rather than label the players as sub Championship standard. 'Arry admits he has to offload players before he can sign replacements and accepts that won't be easy, but he is only making it harder when he announces,

“It's down to lack of quality. People keep talking about character, work-rate. But they [the players] try. It's not them not trying. We haven't got a lot of quality in the team. We're short of good players who can really play at the top level. People might think they can because they played somewhere a few years ago, but t doesn't work that way.”

Right, so nobody's going to sign them then, are they? Well played 'Arry!


  1. what are you on about? you just talk bollocks all the time.

  2. No to be fair it is Harry talking bollocks. He is getting his excuses in early and trying to get the board to pay him more and it is getting frustrating!

  3. Spot on hf really getting fucked off with red knapps bollocks there is more than enough quality to get us out off the championship its not the champions league for Christs sake with the right players out and a few players that fit the bill in a top 6 finish should be a minimum the standard of football in that league is shit if the saggy chopped prick feels he can't get us back up fuck off and give some one else a go who can u rrrsssssssssssss