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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Should Everton appoint former Liverpool boss Benitez?

With Moyes suggesting that Everton "recruit from within", perhaps it is time for the Everton board to think outside the box. Whilst Moyes is being treated as a departing god, there is no escaping the fact that, despite building two or three impressive teams at Everton, the Scot won precisely nothing in terms of trophies. To recruit from within would simply perpetuate the "finishing fifth or sixth mentality" therefore.

What Everton need is a winner, and thus far, they have been linked with men who, like Moyes, have achieved moderate success, but who have failed to deliver trophies - unless we credit Martinez for buying the FA Cup with relegation from the Prem.

The obvious choice, therefore, is Benny Benitez.

Love him or hate him, he has a track record of delivering trophies, and whilst the idea of appointing a Liverpool messiah may initially stick in the craw of Everton fans, they should consider the pain it would cause across Stanley Park!

Liverpool fans have never let go of Benny. Even the return of King Kenny could not compensate for the loss of the popular Spaniard, the man who brought home the Champions League and who pushed Ferguson closer than any Liverpool manager since the early 1990s. If Everton were to appoint Benitez, the pressure on Rodgers would magnify a million fold. Suddenly, he would be measured directly on a weekly basis against Benny, and Liverpool fans would wail displeasure at every dropped point and at every Everton victory. So, the only reason that would hold back the appointment of Benitez might be the best reason for appointing him.

Benny wants to stay in England. He loves the city of Liverpool. He is a winner. It's a no brainer, isn't it?


  1. HE'S A NUMPTY !

  2. I'm a blue and actually think this is our best bet or why not mancini. our problem has always been not thinking big enough, about time we use the crest of positivity and make some bold statements. pretty sure this will help keep bainsy and fellani if not get us a maximum price, don't let them go cheap


  4. Yes please... Go get him Bill

  5. EFC can't have him,he's wanted back at Anfield!