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Friday, 24 May 2013

Il Duce treading on Black Cat tails at Sunderland

Well it didn't take long did it? Il Duce Di Canio's reign at Sunderland is starting to unravel already after his all too typical rant about the attitude of players, which has brought complaints to the PFA and a warning from Gordon Taylor that the crazy Italian can't do as he pleases.

Titus Bramble is already off - no loss there - but the problem is, who will want to join? Word is out that Di Canio is an abusive bully and if you are a millionaire player, would you want to work under a guy whose management style has been compared to a hand grenade?

Di Canio can't help himself. When things are going well, he's probably great to have around, but when the going gets tough, Di Canio starts pointing fingers, ranting and blaming everybody except himself. The guy is an absolute arse and once his comedy value has been exhausted, he serves no useful purpose.


  1. I do agree he treats people like sh*te when everything isn't rosey and making him look good, it's all about him, his ego rivals yours! Ha ha ha ha

  2. What a load of crap - more players have come out in support of Di Canio than against him. The vast majority of fans are in favour of his disciplinarian approach. If any players aren't prepared to buckle down and give their all we don't want them.

    1. Just like most of the Italians supported Mussolini when they had to. Don't worry, they are looking for a lamp post for Di Canio even as they mouth their mealy words of support. Johnson likes discipline? Yeah, like Di Canio likes communists!

    2. Ooh you know a bit of history, bravo...
      Don't compare a football manager to a war criminal you Dunce.

  3. Don't you mean 'Johnson likes discipline? Yeah, like Hammersfan likes Asians!'