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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sheffield United put to sword by little old Yeovil Town

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. So the velvet Glovers have vanquished the Blunted Blades. Another play off campaign, another abject failure for McScab's Shafting United. And this is set to continue for as long as the club holds on to the Devil's coinage. Give back the twenty five million extorted over the Tevez affair, and you will be allowed out of Purgatory. Until then, you will burn!

What a performance from Yeovil! The Championship is now just one game away! Just imagine, Yeovil Town versus Leeds United in a league game! Back in the day, when I stood on the terraces of the old Huish, cheering on Myers, Clancey, Plumb, Davies and Housley, Yeovil were in the Southern League and Leeds United were the best team in the country. We did not dare dream of ever playing in the same league! What a journey!


  1. can't you just let it go? West Ham were ordered to pay up so they must have done something wrong.

  2. I can but Karma can't. McScab needs to clear his list. Pay back West Ham 25 million. Only then will Sheffield United get to do the Full Monty in the higher divisions again!

  3. Hammersfan or yeovilfan either way your a tw*t do u think West Sham payed £25m for nothing?

  4. look at it this way; if it had been the other way round and Sheffield Utd had broken the same rule, do you think the points deduction that could have been dealt to West Ham, would have been dealt to Sheffield? I think it almost certainly would have been. So be happy you got away with only paying the relatively tiny sum of 25m and move on.

  5. You are paying up because your club did wrong. Get over it. Had there been real justice and not the rotten to the core administration of the Premier League you would have been docked points.

    As for us (Blades), we know we are shit, we face that but we still support the club. Thats what you do isn't it? Silly names like McScab? I'd be embarrassed unless I was 10 years old.

  6. Listen gimp bitch ,,, your wank club did wrong , they paid the price , that price was 25 million, ha ha ha ,, lovely jubbly

  7. Leeds and yeovil were playing eachother in leauge one not so long back as i recall

  8. It may escape your attention you clueless prick, We have played Yeovil for 3 consecutive seasons not that long ago when we were in league one. But don't let that stop you from putting the name Leeds United in your pathetic article.

  9. Of course! But Leeds were in the third tier of English football then so playing them wasn't so remarkable.

    1. Still remarkable and memorable too , quite unlike playing west ham which is neither gimp boy

  10. So being as Leeds, a former third tier team now a second tier team may be playing a third tier team if they progress to the second tier, this is 'Remarkable'. Wow..hadn't thought of that!
    So here's the summary of this authors logic everyone...Leeds v Yeovil third tier..not remarkable
    leeds v Yeovil second tier...remarkable!
    How about if they then get promoted together? Leeds v Yeovil in the Premiership..!! So what word would we use to describe this H F?