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Monday, 27 May 2013

Heartbreak for Watford and Zola

What a shame. I don't agree with the Lend Lease policy employed by the Pozzos and will never forgive Scott Duxbury for his part in the Tevez affair and subsequent events at Upton Park, but I wouldn't wish a play off final defeat on anybody, unless West Ham were the opposition of course.

We have suffered defeat in the Final against Palace ourselves but made it up the following year. Chin up to the Watford fans. There's always next season.



  2. You,re days are nearly up Nev.I,m gonna put you in my cellar,pour hot oil over you,then throw a bag of feathers over you.Then i,m gonna bum you while you squeal like a pig/chicken....LOL.

  3. Seems like you have nothing but hatred from people these days nev , oh well , it was always going to be this way , just like being back at school Neville , always the sad loner, always the nerd who was picked on and could only look on at the other kids having fun together , therapy is the key nev , or is this sad blog what you're shrink recommened ????