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Monday, 13 May 2013

Did Leicester City's Nigel Pearson deserve to lose to Watford like that?

How cruel. I'm just catching up on events at Vicarage Strada and only heard about the dramatic penalty miss and breakaway winner late last night. What a finish by Deeney! And what a lay back too! It was a brilliant goal and, given the huge pressure, it was fantastically executed.

But what about poor Nigel Pearson? When that dodgy penalty was awarded - the latest attempt by the rival families to block Udinese Calcio's promotion charge -  Pearson must have have been planning his team for Wembley and running through the tactics in his head. Then came the save, and the follow up save, and Pearson was thinking about extra time as Watford broke, no, no, no, no, nooooooooooooo!!!!!

Did Nigel Pearson really deserve that? Of course he didn't. It should have been Hull City breaking away to score the winner. Oh no, sorry, the club he walked out on are already in the Premiership aren't they?

Karma? They are making a series entitled "My Name is Nigel" as we speak!


  1. You have to be a total c*** to not feel sorry for Pearson under such circumstances.

    Sure they should never have been given a penalty in the first place and for it not to be scored was justice, but ANY football fan or manager would feel pain being on the receiving end of that drama.

    If Knockaert then Zola and Watford would have justifiably been very upset.

    For Watford it was a euphoric moment that will live long in the memory.

    Looking at the clear cut chances over the two legs, Watford were the better team. Watford finished 3rd in the league, 9 points clear of Leicester.

    I don't think anyone can begrudge Watford for being at Wembley, but Leicester deserve a shoulder to cry on.

    1. I'm a Leicester fan and Pearson as himself to blame! Firstly, He let a 20 year old take a penalty who has never taken a penalty before. Nugent who is experienced and took citys last pen and scored watched! Disgraceful! And with 30 seconds left he had only 1 defender back! They had 5 against 1 when they broke away! instead of organising his back four and ensuring they did not concede, he admitted he closed his eyes and prayed! why did he not manage his team when they needed it most! No sympathy Pearson! pack your bags now and let a manager who can manage and organise take over!

  2. thought the shit you write on here was about your beloved hammers, why are you so fixated with watford, do me a favour just die

  3. There are soft penalties and there are dives and that was unquestionably a dive so it would have been a hollow victory had it not been saved. That Watford went up the other end and scored straight away may seem tough but it was a well worked and well taken goal worthy of winning any match. Having watched both games I have to admit that Watford were well worth their victory.

  4. Pearson plays boring football and got what he deserved. The penalty was for a blatant dive. Justice was done. Time for Pearson to go!

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