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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Is Pogatetz destined for a place in the West Ham Hall of Fame?

We have had some shockers down the years, but Pogatetz has to be up there as one of the worst players ever to pull on a West Ham shirt. Mind you, we do seem to specialise in crap centre backs. Off the top of my head, giving it hardly any thought at all, I can think of Breen, Song, Hilton and Davenport - and I'm sure others could add to that list of horrors without taxing their brain cells too much.

In fact, it doesn't say much for Allardyce and his team of scouts that Pogatetz and Chamakh both arrived in the same window, and given the wages they were on, it seems probable, even without a loan fee, that the club chucked away over £1m to pay for them to keep the bench warm.

Hall of Fame? Yep in the Claret & Blue Chamber of Horrors!


  1. QUESTION , At what level did you play football Neville ? , and the cubs team doesn't count !!

  2. Aww nev , i was only asking what level you played football at ?? You're such a princess these days ,

  3. hammer, this is funny, im annoying you west ham support seem to answer your dribble.just thought i would let them know the shite you spat at leeds fans day in day out, which is sometimes fun,but thought i would let them know how you disrespected a former player who nowadays suffers from a serious condition(paul madeley). want you to appologise on leeds blog, then we can move i said in past some comments you make run true and are good reading, but that comment you made needs a leeds fan i would like to say to wham fans you have good support especially away and no beef with you lot, but this guy has!!!!.MICK

  4. Allardyce is too busy stuffing his face with holiday pies to care about anything you have to say

  5. Radoslav Kovac has got to be up there- what a waste of space he was.

    And Savio. And John Pantsil. And Javier Mascherano. And Benni McCarthy..
    Gosh, we've had some howlers.