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Friday, 1 March 2013

Leeds Bankers To Beat Toothless Lions

Chris Wood fired Leicester on their way to a recovery after a mini slump in mid week and his absence is hurting both Millwall and Leeds. Warnock wanted him, but Warnock couldn't afford him, and it was the short sighted decision of the club not to speculate in order to accumulate which means that Leeds are having to come from behind in the amble for a play off place.

But victory over Millwall will see belief surge. It's a game charged with hate. There will be ill will spilling over from the encounter earlier in the season - when ironically, Wood fired the winner - and there exists a deep seated loathing between both sets of fans.

All in all, it is a recipe for a bloody battle. A red card or two would not be a great surprise, and if Hell Hadji makes it onto the pitch, it could get particularly ugly. But Leeds have to win this one and surely will win it. Since Wood has departed, Millwall have been distinctly ordinary, whilst Warnock's team are presently riding on the crest of a wave. That wave is hardly of tsunami proportions but it is surely strong enough to sweep away this very, very poor Millwall team.

Leeds look a banker bet in this one. Away games at Leicester and Palace may give a truer picture of the quality of the present squad but, for the time being at least, Leeds are in with a shout of the play offs. And if they squeak into sixth place, who knows what might happen!

Warnock asked for three games to change the world. Another clean sheet and a goal or two in the opposition onion bag and suddenly he will have moved from zero to hero. The granite for that Warnock statue is on order as we speak!


  1. A sensible article for once. Yes i think we will beat Millscum, but as for Palace and chance.

  2. Thought you had died! You don't comment as much now a days. Found a nice "sheep" spotting mate there in shitsville!!! MOT

  3. So you work for William Hill now do you.....
    Stop talking Shit about nothing.

  4. Cover your arse,as we speak,RETARD.....MOT

  5. u think this is a banker for obviously dont watch us play that often do them south london pussys seem to raise their game in there cup final.they r only bringing 167 fans.we take more to a youth team match.

  6. I thought you were a Leeds fan ;-)
    If you were you would know there is no such thing as a Leeds win banker.

  7. Where are you on holiday this week hf? Or are you back in east acton with mummy?ps can you send another pic of your laptop on your next jaunt?

  8. Millwall allways keep moaning about picking their vouchers up from petrol station.thats why they dont turn up.we have had to do it to,ie cardiff,millwall,and we take 2ooo.soft twats.its a shame,would have been a good atmosphere,but again less than 2oooo.warnock also says,this is the best squad leeds have had in years..drugs test for colin.

  9. Same old Leedsrecipe, dirtyplaying lads. U need 2 pay big for ahomer ref 2 win this battle!!!!

    1. Hope it continues, need the ref as our twelthman week in week out this season so we can avoid red cards!! Mr jones i love u should sent warnock off for that crazy tackle of Millwalls Henry!